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From: bigA
Subject: Green Soccer ShortsThis is my first submission! It is a true story from when I first moved to
DC. I hope you all can inspire me to write more jockstrap/athletic gear
related storiesAs I walked up the steps to the large apartment building, I was overly
aware of the people on the street. It seemed odd that people would be out
and about at midnight on a Tuesday. I felt as if everyone knew why I was
there. It was as if they had all been reading logs of my chat from just an
hour ago, and already knew what was lying preteen nudeforum ahead for me. I entered the lobby
and felt the cold air behind me, and the warmth ahead. Apartment 1215
I found the call button and pressed it. A loud buzz, and I was able to
enter the inner doors. As I entered the elevator, I flashed back to two
hours ago, when I decided to log onto the chat room and see who was there.
Within moments of being logged on, I was deep in chat with HardJock29 as he
explained how his greatest pleasure would be to please my cock. The
obligatory picture exchange occurred, and I found myself instantly hard,
craving the green eyed soccer stud on my screen. A few details were shared
he was insatiable, and it was my challenge to make him cum in his jock
without touching his cock. My mission was established, and I was up to the
task. The walk down to the Dupont Circle area was cold in the winter night,
but certainly would be well worth the trek.I knocked on the door, and heard his deep voice respond. One moment, and he
would be out. He was just finishing his shower. I notice music beginning to
play from behind the door, and it opens.Dim lights... soft sounds of rock music... and a shirtless jock in front of
me.Green soccer shorts and white socks. That was all covering him. I was
instantly struck by how green his eyes were. Even in the dim light, they
seemed to glow like emeralds. His short, tossled brown hair looked as if he
just left the shower. A perfectly smooth light tan skin tone was
complemented with manly tufts of hair in both arm pits, and a light trail
from his solid stomach down into the green shorts.It seemed like hours as I took him in, tight preteen cuties and he pulled my hand into the
apartment. Suddenly I felt as if my challenge was a gift, not a chore.Before I could speak, I was being pulled closer and felt his lips on mine.
Tongue in my mouth, and lips to my lips... the kissing seemed to force our
bodies closer and closer together. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing
against my stomach. A good 3 inches taller than me, this stud was at least
6'2".As the kiss broke, he asked me to join him in the bedroom. As I entered the
room, I began removing my clothing. Before long I was left in just my black
jockstrap. Apparently this was enticing to him, as he immediately dropped
to his knees and began to lick and suck my jockstrap, almost as if he were
trying to pull my cock through the material. I looked down and enjoyed that
I was pleasing this picture of perfect masculinity and athletic prowess. I
realized that I wanted to become the one in charge for a while, and decided
to turn the tables on him.With one motion, I no nude modelspreteen raised him from his kneeling position and tossed him
onto the bed behind him. To my satisfaction he landed on his back, knees
up, and legs slightly spread. I immediately situated myself just there...
my fabric bound dick thrusting against his artistic nude preteen
shorts, and my arms aside his
arms. I took control and preteen naturalist fkk kissed him passionately and vigorously, as if time
was of the greatest essence and I could not get it fast enough. As I rocked
my cock back and forth against him, his loose soccer shorts slid to the
side revealing that he too was in a jockstrap. A crisp white
jockstrap, nearly busting at the force of his eight perfectly straight
inches. If it were possible, I would insist my own cock was instantly more
rigid.I slid down on the naked preteen free bed slightly, running my face through the fuzz leading
down preteen spanking stories his solid abs. I could lick the ridges to navigate the way to my
prize. I felt the silky material of his soccer shorts come to my face...and
then to my lips. I took them in my mouth and started to slide them down. As
his bound cock was now rubbing against my nose and cheek, it was too much
to take. I did what I could to control myself, then just let it go as I
ripped the shorts to his ankles and tossed them to the corner of the
room. Displayed beneath me was the sex hungry jock, eagerly awaiting the
orgasm I was determined to give him before the end of the night.Anxious to get lesbian preteen sisters
started, I dropped down and instantly lifted his legs. As I
licked down around his smoothly shaved candid girl preteen balls, I came down to the point just
beneath them. A light soapy flavor led to his nicely shaved hole. As my
tongue slid into the valley of his ass crack, I knew this wasn't new
territory for him. My tongue easily slid into his hole, as I heard him
start to moan. This was a well used hole... one that had seen plenty of
cock and I can only imaging what else. I instantly had an image of this ass
serving the entire soccer team it belonged to.As I continued to work my way in and out of the stud's hole with my tongue,
he began to wiggle back and forth, trying to get as much of my mouth as
possible in his ass. I began to lick, suck, and swirl my tongue at the same
time. The voodoo preteen list faster I moved, the faster he wiggled. His hole easily stretched
and moved in my mouth, as if it were made of foam.More hungry for my cock than I had realized, the jock began to display some
aggression pulling my up, and rolling me over onto my own back.
Quickly, he worked my cock out of the side of my own jockstrap and had
taken all seven and half inches into his mouth. Sucking heavily, I felt his
lips tighten around the base of my dick. At sex inches around, this is no
small task. Clearly his experience was paying off for both of us, as he
slid his way back to the tip, swirling his tongue around my head, taking in
all of the pre-cum that had been gathering there.At this point, I was certain this athletic stud was a complete slut for
dick, getting all he could, when he could. If it wasn't clear, it was about
to be. In a move that shocked me, he straddled my waist, and placed my
stiff cock against his hole. Even more to surprise, he intended to make
sure my cock went into his ass without more lube. With a few wiggles, he
was sliding down around my shaft. Not to be outdone, I immediately began
thrusting upwards, raising my own hips as I grabbed him and forced him down
around my rod.The look of intense pleasure on his face as my stiff cock tore into the
stud's ass was enough for me to call the night a success. This jock slut
liked it rough and wanted as much pain as he did pleasure. I could feel his
hole begin to loosen as I continued banging up into his ass.Realizing I needed to become as aggressive as possible, I grabbed the
soccer jock my the neck and pulled him down, to the artistic nude preteen side, and then rolled
him onto his back. I felt my cock plop out of his ass, and instantly knew I
had to get it back in. Shoving his face into mania pre teen
the bed, I smeared the pre-cum
from my cock around his raw hole, and slammed my cock back in, full
thrust. I heard him whimper, and then followed that preteen model drawing whimper with moans of
ecstasy. I was getting into this now. Dominating this stud was my dream
come true. He was mine for the taking, however I wanted it.After a while of slamming him face down, I decided I wanted to see his face
as he took my load, which was close to being ready for him. I slapped his
ass and ripped my cock out, looking at his gaping hole, centered between
the perfect muscular ass cheeks. The jock rolled over artistic nude preteen to look at me,
fearing I was leaving without meeting my goal. Before he could speak, I
grabbed his ankles and pulled him to the edge of the bed, and he rolled to
his back.From this angle, I was able to lift his legs and spread them around my
chest, and position my cock to fulfill its duties. I slid easily into his
hole, and thrust it deep party angels preteen and held it there, letting him fell the fullness I
was providing. As I looked into his face, his eyes were glazed over, and
rolling near the back of his head. I knew he was craving every bit I could
give him, and this would be a successful mission.I began to piston my dick in and out of his ass. Pulling out so that just
the tip of my head was still inside him, and them replacing it to its
original position with his now loosened ring gripping the base. I was
closer and closer to cumming.Within a few slams, the stud began to shoot a load from his own stiff
cock. The sound he made was almost a scream deep and penetrating the
thick air in foreign preteen pictures the room. His cock was stiff and pointing to his face as the
white cream gushed out, hitting his chin, neck, and making a curved line on
his chest. As he screamed out his grunts, I grabbed his ass and pulled him
closer, getting as much as much cock preteen bondage deep in him as possible, and letting
loose several waves of my own cum. I could feel my dick throb inside him,
swelling as it pumped out the load he so deserved.Weakened in my knees from the hormones released, I slid my cock back out,
and let his legs dropped to the floor. I picked up my jockstrap and threw
it on his face, slid my own clothes back on, and decided to take his green
soccer shorts as I left.
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